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Positive Education UK & Ireland combines cutting-edge neuroscience concepts with evidence-based positive psychology practices to reverse the trajectory of young people’s mental wellbeing. With a strong emphasis on teacher and parent mental health, we specialise in coaching, mentoring, and training, to create holistic, empowering and neuro-affirming environments.

Our results are stronger relationships, fewer behavioural issues, and elevated academic and emotional success that reaches far beyond the school gates. We're not only future-proofing education; we're creating a movement for the future of societal wellbeing.


  • Whole-School Initiatives: We conduct diagnostics and design bespoke programs that integrate positive psychology, neuroscience, and neuro-affirming practices, shaping a healthier educational atmosphere and positive school culture for everyone.

  • Educator Workshops: Focused training sessions equipping teachers and staff with essential self-care tools and emotional resilience skills, creating more supportive classroom environments.

  • Parent Resources: Tailored sessions, coaching and resources empowering parents to bring the principles of Positive Education into their homes, further enhancing family wellbeing.

  • Curriculum Support: We work with schools to develop or modify their PSHE curriculum to incorporate Positive Education principles, fostering inclusive and emotionally intelligent settings.

  • Inclusion Programs: Our neuro-affirming initiatives increase awareness and support for neurodiverse students, ensuring an inclusive educational experience for all.

  • Coaching & Mentoring: 1:2:1 and group support for teachers, parents, and pupils aims to move away from the traditional deficit models in therapy or counselling, developing a growth mindset and fostering emotional mastery, optimism, and resilience.

  • Community Events: Through informational and impactful events, we broaden the reach of Positive Education, benefiting wider communities.


Our unique PROSPER Model draws from Martin Seliman's PERMA theory of happiness and wellbeing, and embodies some of the most robust evidence-based positive psychology strategies, including coaching, character strengths, and purpose and meaning, to increase awareness of Self, Others & the World promoting Positive relationships, Responsibility, Optimism, Self-awareness, Perspective, Emotional regulation and Resilience mindset.

We provide training and coaching to all staff, parents and pupils, supporting independent and state schools and other educational organisations to develop a collective shared language and embed practical strategies both in and out of school to improve self-esteem, relationships, mindset, resilience, wellbeing, engagement and performance.

“A flower can only grow through concrete if it believes in itself, not its obstacles.”

―Matshona Dhliwayo


Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting to learn more about what we do and how we do it.


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